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Squarespace Social Media Manager Application


Social Media Assessment & Strategy

An assessment of Squarespace's current presence on Instagram and Twitter from January 9, 2018 through February 9, 2018. Please note, all data is pulled from the public-facing profiles. All suggested strategies should be assessed at regular intervals against benchmarks of key performance indicators.



Using material available on Squarespace's feature about fashion designer Sadie Williams, I created an Instagram story that would drive audience members to the website to view the full story.

During this time period, @Squarespace shared roughly two Instagram posts each day. The majority of these posts were inspirational content paired with a photo or a customer highlight. Several posts teased the Keanu Reeves Superbowl ad and generated high engagement. There is an opportunity to add a clear call to action with each post.

All posts regardless of type received an average of 14.55 comments and 674.22 likes. The audience responded similarly to customer highlights and inspirational posts, with customer highlights generating an average of 9.7 comments per post and 782.4 likes per post. Inspiration posts drove an average of 8.59 comments per post and 678.09 likes per post.


Objective: Drive users to the website from Instagram stories. Highlight website best practices and key features of Squarespace. Create and maintain relationships with customers.


  • Use Instagram stories to drive to website.
    Create beautiful and fun Instagram stories that drive to the website using "swipe up" links. Highlight templates, provide quick tips and best practices, and tease full-length customer features. See Sadie Williams example.
  • Highlight stunning websites and templates.
    Show the flexibility and beauty of templates in Instagram photos, videos, and stories.
  • Interact with existing customers & build relationships with influencers.
    Follow businesses who use Squarespace to keep up with their new endeavors and aesthetics. When applicable, respond to their posts and engage with their audience. Interact with similar businesses and encourage them to learn about the Squarespace platform. Generate reciprocal content when appropriate.

Performance Metrics: Each call to action should include a tracking link to see how many people visit the Squarespace website from each promotion.


During this time period, @Squarespace was primarily used to tease the Keanu Reeves superbowl ad (which of course, drove high engagement), share tips and support, highlight customers, and share a few inspirational quotes.

Photos garnered an average of 1.04 replies, 8.27 retweets, and 26.9 likes. Comparatively, links without photos did not perform as well, averaging 0.5 replies, 2.33 retweets, and 13.16 likes. GIFs were the primary medium used to tease the Superbowl ad. Due to the recognition of Keanu and reputation of Squarespace Superbowl ads, the content may skew the average so their performance has not been used in this assessment to calculate overall GIF performance.

The audience has consistent engagement with tool support and tips, customer highlights, and inspirational quotations.

squarespace twitter.jpg


Potential Customers

Objective: Attract potential customers to the Squarespace platform. Convert prospects to subscribers.


  • Be an industry thought leader.
    Engage with industry leaders and influencers in the field. Interact with trending topics and industry hashtags. Answer questions posed to the community. Share best practices about website management and the Squarespace platform specifically.
  • Engage displeased customers of competitor brands.
    Follow the support accounts of competitor brands (Wix, Wordpress, etc.) and engage customers who are struggling with competitor products. Look at their main feed's replies, engage customers who are reaching out where appropriate. Messaging should focus on the ease of Squarespace, not the difficulty of the competitor's product.
  • Interact with potential customers.
    Follow key terms used by individuals seeking advice when starting their websites. Interact with these customer's early on, encouraging them to explore Squarespace.

Performance Metrics: Each interaction should include a tracking link to see how many people visit the Squarespace website after an interaction of this type.

Current Customers

Objective: Encourage current customers to share their successes, act as brand ambassadors, and continue to learn about Squarespace features.


  • Build relationships with influencers.
    Follow influencers who host their websites on Squarespace. Interact regularly with their content, whether or not it is related to their website. Conceptualize reciprocal content that fits their brand voice and promotes Squarespace.
  • Interact with current customers.
    Listen closely to how customers are speaking to and about Squarespace. Develop and share content that answers common customer questions, address common pain points before a user has to ask their Twitter followers, retweet positive Tweets and positive customer experiences. Share in the excitement of creating a website and starting a new venture.

Performance Metrics: Track engagement metrics per post type. Record follower metrics to track growth and retention.